The teenage years have been referred to as the "age of raging hormonal imbalance."  This is not an easy time for parents, but it is probably even harder for your teenager.  During this time, some teens will exert their independence.  They will challenge your authority.  They may even show a great deal of disrespect or have emotional outbursts.


Reacting calmly and remaining in control will minimize the upheaval your teen can cause, and will help him behave better.   Look for the positive and acknowledge it.  Create a positive home environment.  It will make a great difference in both the short term and long term.  During this time, you should use the things you control as incentives to help your child do the things she needs to do.


The parenting skills presented in this course work well with teens, and are even backed by scientific research.  Even if you have a wayward son or daughter, (or especially if you have a prodigal son or daughter), you need to use these skills. 


LLL Parenting can help you handle this difficult situation in a positive manner.  It can help you achieve a positive home environment, even with teens.  It can help you learn and apply the skills you need to help your teen mature into a happy, healthy and responsible adult.