Research for this parenting course began with an investigation about attachment and infant crying.  I was surprised at the lack of agreement about colic (excessive crying without any known cause) and typical infant crying. There was a lot of literature about crying that was associated with attachment theory (and what affects infant to parent attachment).

This course was developed from a huge number of research articles and several books.  It deals with creating a warm, positive, secure attachment between your infant and you.  There are lots of tips about helping your infant grow and develop.

This course is intended for BEFORE YOU HAVE YOUR BABY.  It will get you ready to have a positive relationship with your infant, Right from the Start.  

An important feature of this course is that it teaches you the basics of human behavior and how infants learn.  Did you know they start learning before birth?  Did you know they can see colors at birth?  Did you know that there is a simple thing that you can do with your infant that really increases her physical growth and alertness, and improves sleep quality (and is fun for mom or dad).

The books on the right are mostly ones reviewed in the class on reducing crying.  The last one, The Power of Positive Parenting is just a great parenting book.  

This course was evaluated by 57 individuals as part of my graduate project.  They gave it very high reviews.  So, give it a try.  You will be glad you did.

Infants(Birth - 12 Months) Classes

  • Introduction and the Importance of Love, Laughter, and Limits
  • Infant Learning Before and After Birth
  • Learning - Experience that Works
  • Reducing crying and curing colic
  • Enjoying your baby
  • Attachment: What is it and why is it important
  • Attachment and parent behavior
  • Attachment and parent behavior
  • Interaction for growth and development, part 1
  • Interaction for growth and development, part 2
  • The power of attention
  • Information vs. misinformation
  • Establishing routines and limits
  • Increasing compliance
  • Reducing stubbornness
  • Review, part 1A
  • Review, part 1B
  • Review, part 2
  • Whining and Dining, Helping Young Picky Eaters