The Tween years are approximately ages of 10 to 12.  If you feel,  "My child is 10, but she already acts like a teenager."  You have a tween.

The tween years are a critical time in a child's development.  This is the time that things need to be running smoothly.  Your child needs to learn that doing good things produces good results.  This is a critical concept for success during the teenage years. 

Parents still are the most influential person in a tween's life.  Parents need to help their tween to be motivated and cooperate.  This can be done using behavioral parenting skills, skills you will learn with LLL Parenting.  It will show you how to help teach your tween to respond quickly and positively.  If your tween has an attitude, refuses to do her homework, or has compliance problems; if he creates chaos in your home, or if she likes to argue, then you can use these positive parenting skills to make wonderful changes in your home.

But LLL is about a lot more than just helping your child behave well.  LLL will help you create a strong bond between your and your child.  It will help you build their confidence and self-esteem.  It will help your child feel connected to you, and that feeling of connectedness will be a very positive asset for him during the teen years.

When your child was very young, you had to take full responsibility for your child.  You had to make the decisions, and then make sure your child did what he needed to do.  (You didn't ask your toddler if he wanted to go get his immunization shots, did you.)  The tween years are a critical time for you to start backing off and let your child make his decisions under your guidance.  This can be especially difficult when your standards for homework are higher than your tween’s.  It is hard if you have been pushing your child to do what he has needed to do.   If you have been pushing, this is the time for you to start doing more enticing.  LLL will help you shift from the parent who pushes to the parent who entices.  Why should you want to?  Because you cannot push a teenager the way you can push a young child.  It will likely become a disaster.

So now is the time to make improvements in your home; to make your home a happy and harmonious place; to make your home a place where your tween will be motivated to behave well.  You will be happier and your child will be happier.  

Tweens(Ages 10-12 years) Classes