The Launch: Parenting Young Adult Children

The Launch: Parenting Young Adult Children

     During the teen years, your child became more independent in making his decisions.  Some of this was much to your chagrin.  As a young adult, he is still making his decisions, but should be progressing  to becoming financially independent and self-sufficient. 

     If your young adult child is struggling (or you are irritated interacting with a basically good kid), you should watch “The Launch: The Transition from Dependent Child to Independent Adult.”  This course is available on this site in the Young Adult section.  It consists of nine lessons and six Q&A sessions.

     Are you concerned about your child’s motivation for college?   Are you dealing with a lack of motivation in life?  Is your child “adrift” in her progress in life?  Maybe your child is way off track or he is just “going with the flow.”  Regardless of how your young adult child is doing, “The Launch” will help you have a positive influence on your child and build/repair your relationship.  It will also make your parenting job  easier and far less frustrating.

     The first 2 classes are free.  Just register.  The remaining 7 classes and the Q&A sessions require an Advanced Subscription.  Get 60% off for 3 months.  Cancel any time.  Use Promo Code "IntroDeal" and select the 1-month package..

     As a parent, there is much you can do to help (or hurt) your child’s attempted launch into adulthood.  Watch “The Launch” and see how you can really help your young adult child.