This stuff really works! Why?

Love, Laughter, and Limits (LLL) teaches you practical ways to be a warm, positive, and happy parent. But it works because it is based on extensive research. What makes LLL unique is that it is based on both the fundamental research in the science of human behavior and broad research in child development, psychology, and other fields. We all want to have a happy family, where we can enjoy a wonderful family experience.  We want to be a loving, caring parent and have close relationships with our children.  This is much easier for you to do, if your children generally behave well.  As I work with parents on their individual parenting challenges, I am always impressed at how quickly and positively children respond. It is the behavior science perspective that makes this stuff really work! But behavior science research is based on short-term studies, and parenting is a long-term proposition. The broad academic research is critical to know what issues are important for [page 2] the long-term growth and development of your child. By combining these two forms of research, LLL can help you interact with your family in ways that produce good behavior now and contribute to your child's long-term growth and development. I once had a parent tell me, "This is the best adult behavior change class I have every taken." I appreciated the parent understanding that this is all about changing parent behavior so that the child will have an environment that facilitates good behavior and development. Rather than trying to control our child, we control ourselves and the things around us, and our child learns to control herself. Self-control is a life skill that every child needs to learn. Love, Laughter, and Limits teaches more than a "one size fits all" set of parenting skills. It teaches you how to understand your child and her behavior so that you can parent in a positive, proactive, and effective way. Effective parenting is much more than simply using specific parenting skills. Effective parenting requires you to observe what your child is doing (or has done) and respond appropriately.  LLL will help you see behavior patterns in your child and interact with your child so that good behavior increases. Love, Laughter, and Limits works because it is based on solid science. It will teach you the best in positive (and effective) parenting skills that really work. Children may not come with a manual, but Love, Laughter, and Limits is the manual that you need.