By age four, your child's language will be very functional. You will be able to teach your child how to do things, like chores, and how you expect your child to behave.

The skills presented in these classes are very effective with this age of child. Create a positive home environment and catch your child being good often. Focus your attention on the things you like, and minimize attention for the things you do not.

This is a great age to teach, motivate, and build positive behavior. It is the best age to eliminate behavior problems, large or small. And it is the age to teach your child to cooperate and obey. At this age you control virtually everything that your child really wants. In fact, your attention is usually the biggest reward your child can earn.

Some common problems with this age are noncompliance, tantrums, hitting, not sharing, demanding attention, lying, fighting, disrespect, arguing, bedtime problems, and eating/mealtime problems. If you are struggling with behavior problems at this age, it is much quicker and easier to address them now instead of later. At this age, the skills you will learn here, at LLL Parenting, will work extremely fast and improve your relationship at the same time.

This is also an important time to continue building the emotional bond with your child. This is a time to teach your child about emotions. This is a wonderful time to enjoy being a mom or a dad, and to really enjoy being with your child. LLL Parenting classes will help you do all this. LLL will help you be the parent you want to be.